Creatives should have multiple types of reviews for their work to help solidify their credibility and attract potential readers. Peer reviews by other authors and consumer reviews by readers and fans have their place and are important. Here at Moon Rose Reviews, we fill in that gap by offering professional Editorial and pre-publication editorial reviews. Once an author has all four, they are in the best position for success and the opportunities it brings. For books, our reviews can be found on, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles.

For films, we can post our reviews on the website of your choice, such as Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb.

Our reviews are completed within 4-7 weeks of receiving your PDF or physical copy of your creative work (if a film, you may send us a link or DVD), signed customer agreement, and full payment. In our Editorial Reviews, we rate work from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest. For YouTube Video Reviews, we will articulate the written editorial review by video, reading it aloud. We will also share information about the author and where the work being reviewed can be purchased.

We offer four types of Reviews:
  1. Abbreviated Editorial: 200-350 words $299 
  2. Editorial Critique: 500 or more words, $399 
  3. Pre-Publication Critique: 500 or more words, $399 
  4. YouTube Video Review (Add-On to any Editorial Services): $99 
What you really, really want…
As an author, what you really want from your review is powerful copy that convinces people to buy your book or other creative project. 

The problem is that many authors don’t want to invest in a review unless they’re confident it will be a positive one. The reality is that any legitimate review company is not going to guarantee a positive review of your creative work. If you’re looking for that kind of dishonest fraud, you won’t find it here. If that’s you, kindly find your way to the nearest exit.

At Moon Rose Reviews, what we do promise is a professional editorial review. You’ll never have a doubt that we read your book completely, watched the film, or actually listened to your creative audio thoroughly, and with an open-mind. For example, having a Reviewer actually read you book, do so with an open-mind and provide a well-written review may seem obvious, but the reality is many people who invest in Editorial Reviews don’t receive these very basic things. With us, you can throw that worry out the window.

Our reviews focus on professional critique, not a useless rehashing of your plot. Many other review businesses do not post their reviews on third party websites as we do. For example, for books we often post our review directly on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Goodreads or you can post our review yourself directly into the Editorial section of your Amazon author account. For details of our Policies, click here
Peter Rouleau
Author of Masquerade Ball 
“I was seeking a review to create positive publicity for my book. In the past I have paid for professional reviews from Kirkus reviews and Online Book Club. In both cases, I received the review after about a month. I was also offered the opportunity to have my book reviewed via the DC Write to Publish Meetup group.

With Moon Rose Reviews, I appreciated that the review contained a concise summary and honest criticism of each of the stories in my book. It was not a “yes man” piece designed to curry my favor, but an honest reaction to the book, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses. I would encourage a fellow author to get as many reviews as possible. Best of luck with this review site and thanks for the review!” 
Lisa Friedman
Aspiring Author of A Spiritual Guide for the UnemployedTime For A Change
“I received a Pre-Publication Critique on my manuscript. I had wanted to have my book read by someone who could edit the content structurally and substantively. This was my first time formally working with a professional editor. The main benefit was that I had a good connection with Ebony and felt she could help me begin the editing process for my book. She made me feel comfortable around my feelings of not feeling like a real writer. I felt safe and confident that her feedback would be helpful to me.

I felt she was able to really dig into each of the sections with interest and helpful feedback, never making me feel that something was wrong or definitely needed to be changed. She gently asked questions so I could think about my work in a more objective manner by stepping into the position of the reader so I could see my work from an outsider’s perspective.

I would say that if you are looking for someone who can be a guide with a gentle force and a curious inquisitiveness she is the one. I felt like she threw herself into my story line and helped me look at my work from the reader’s standpoint. Just a note of thanks and gratitude for your time, your insight and gentle direction!”